A modern fairytale about the friendship between Maxie and a little fairy named Violetta.
Can they save Jeannots Greenhouse and all the plants in it? Or is the little toothfairy Violetta really just an up to no good?


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    Maxie lives a happy life on the countryside surrounded by nature and her best friend uncle tree. But the day her mother decides to move to the city, to live with her fiancé Jeannot and his two sons Samy and Tarek, the problems begin.
    In fairyland, Violetta the toothfairy goofs around instead of paying attention in school. When she gets stuck in the human world, she needs Maxie and Samy to get back home.
    An unique experience like in a fairy tale; so exciting, beautiful and sentimental.

    With Lana Sassel in the role of the fairy Violetta and Lina Raccogli in the role of Maxie. With Jim Krier, Liam Sassel, Patrick Linster, Véronique Kinnen, Mady Durrer – Joe Gales, Kevin Heinen, Sascha Faber.

    For small children and the whole family
    Animation, 87 minutes


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