De Kleesche mat der Mutz


The first film Jangli ever made. For decades, children in Luxembourg grow up with this classic. This year, we invite you and your family to join us.

D'Liwwerung ass gratis vu 25 Euro un hei am Land.
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    Billy and Butz, the two bear cubs, have never heard of St Nicholas Day or Christmas, because bears sleep during the winter.
    Now this year, everything is different. They saw the park ranger errecting a christmas tree, and now they want to celebrate christmas.
    But mother bear is so tired. And does Santa even visit little bear cups?

    For our english speaking customers:
    “De Kleesche mat der Mutz” means: “St.Nicholas in a Cap”
    In Luxembourg, the catholic saint “St. Nicholas brings presents on the 6th of December. He normally wears a Mitra, the traditional headgear of a bishop. Because of the close resemblance of those characters and because we don’t have a name for Santa Claus, both characters are often merged together. And we use their hats to distinguish them. So the standart St. Nicholas is the “Kleeschen”. And when Christmas approaches, and it gets even colder he has to switch to a warm cap. Then he is “St. Nicholas in a cap”.


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